Mod 3 Career Journal Prompts


Copy these prompts into the career journal document you started in Mod 0. Please label this section of your career journal “Module 3 Journal Reflections” and it’s recommended that you use this template to organize your responses.

For all journal responses, you have the option to submit a video or audio recording instead of a written response. We recommend using YouTube or Vimeo for these recordings and submit the link here in your journal. If you have any questions on this, please reach out to a member of the Career Dev team.

Mod 3 Week 1: Professional Storytelling II: Resumes & Portfolios

Answer the below questions in a separate gist and link them into your career journal using this template:

Week 1: [Link here to your gist]

  • (completed)
  • (partially complete)
  • (not started)
  1. Refine your career vision: What are the values that will drive your job search? What are your goals for your job search? What kind of role do you see yourself pursuing in your job search? Based on your latest version of your career vision, list the top 3-5 industries and companies you’ll pursue in your job search as of right now. Why did you pick these industries/companies? How do they relate to the values and goals you have for yourself in your job search?

  2. Build your resume
    • What will you emphasize in your resume that directly relates to your targeted industries?
    • Pick a template from those listed in the Templates section here
    • Order your content in this way:
    • Header (Name + Software Developer OR Back End Engineer OR Front End Engineer, etc.)
    • Contact info
    • Summary
    • Skills
    • Projects
    • Experience
    • Education * Check out other resources here including the Resume Checklist * Link to your resume or include a screenshot here:
  3. Upload your resume to CV Compiler by following these steps:
    • Go to
    • Click on “Improve Your Student Resume”
    • Authorize it with either LinkedIn or GitHub
    • Fill out the fields with your Name and Email and the promo code Turing2005
    • Upload your resume
    • Based on the feedback you received from CV Compiler, what updates will you make to your resume?
  4. Set up your Turing Alumni Portfolio:
    • Log in with the link you got in your email. Going forward, log in at
    • Fill out all fields
    • Select “publish” before saving (projects must also have “published” selected)
    • Reflection questions:
    • What do you want this portfolio to say about you?
    • How will you continue to add to this to portray your story and showcase the kind of work that demonstrates your brand?\
  5. Ian’s workshop this week is designed to help you break down your interest in specific industries even further by exploring their tech stacks to decide if you want to utilize any of their tools in upcoming projects. Make a copy of his template here and post a link to your copy here to show what research you’ve completed. You can also link this research to your Huntr board.

Mod 3 Week 2: The Application Process

Answer the below questions in a separate gist and link them into your career journal using this template:

Week 2: [Link here to your gist]

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  • (partially complete)
  • (not started)
  1. Find a position or use a position you’ve put on your Huntr board and write a cover letter for that position in a Google doc or gist. Reference these cover letter resources as well as the session to complete your cover letter.
    • Post the link to your cover letter here
  2. Review your cover letter with a peer some time this week. What feedback did your partner give you? What next steps will you take to make your cover letter even stronger?

  3. If you were to apply to this position (and you should!), how will you customize your resume for it? What other next steps would you need to take here?

Mod 3 Week 3: Outreach & Networking II

Answer the below questions in a separate gist and link them into your career journal using this template:

Week 3: [Link here to your gist]

  • (completed)
  • (partially complete)
  • (not started)
  1. Back to your resume and cover letter you’ve been working on:
    • What other next steps do you want to take to make these two components stronger?
  2. Outreach Brainstorming:
    • Either explore the company you wrote a cover letter for or find a new company to explore this week; Go to their company LinkedIn page and start to explore the employees. Who are a couple people you could reach out to? Why?
  3. Finalize Your Plan:
    • Who have you decided to reach out to? Why that person? How will you contact them? What do you want to talk to them about? How will you follow up?
  4. Execute your plan:
    • Reach out to your contact THIS WEEK. If possible, reach out to more than one person OR find a meetup to attend also. What happened? What did you learn about the company? What other next steps should you take for pursuing this company? Be sure to update this in Huntr.

Mod 3 Week 4: Interview Prep

Answer the below questions in a separate gist and link them into your career journal using this template:

Week 4: [Link here to your gist]

  • (completed)
  • (partially complete)
  • (not started)
  1. Prepare for Job Shadow: AEIOU
    • Activities: what questions do you have about the activities that a software developer does on a daily basis?
    • Environment: what questions do you have about the overall environment and culture of this workplace?
    • Interactions: what questions do you have about the team at this company? What do you hope to see in your interactions during the shadow?
    • Objects: what questions do you have about the code or the product?
    • Users: what questions do you have about how the company interacts with their users?
  2. After the Job Shadow, reflect on the same questions; what are your takeaways from the shadow?
    • Activities: what was engaging to the person/people you shadowed?
    • Environment: what did you notice about how they talked about the culture and environment of this company?
    • Interactions: what did you notice about your interactions with this person/people?
    • Objects: what did you learn about their approach to code and/or product development?
    • Users: what did you learn about their approach to their users?
    • What are your main takeaways from the shadow? How will you use this information to help you with your job search strategy?
  3. Interview Prep:
    • Pick a successful project and write about it with the STAR method (What was the situation/scenario of the project? What was the task/target of the project? What action steps did you take? What were the results?):
    • Write about a time you failed and what you learned from that experience:
    • Write about how you’ve approached working with a team using a specific example:
    • What other stories will you prepare to share?
    • Do some research into your top companies’ tech stacks; what do you already know? What can you compare to your own learning? What do you need to learn more about?
    • Using this interview prep resource doc, pick out at least 3 resources you will use to prepare for interviews as well as 3 behavioral questions you could practice: